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Let’s Wander and Grow

 ABOUT the founder 

Key Skills

A positive nature​

Lifetime of working with animals

11 years professional experience working with difficult dogs

5 years experience training in proper dog handling skills

Deep understanding of dog communication

Firm belief in treating each case as an individual

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 Sara Oliver 

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It's no secret that growing up in Wyoming, most of my friends were animals. I was able to gain trust and work with animals that others couldn’t. As long as I can remember I've been helping people with everything from reptiles to horses. In my teenage years I started walking dogs and jumped at the chance to work for a licensed veterinarian at her boarding facility and pet store. Over the next 6 years I worked as their only employee and spent my time learning and gathering as much information about basic care, better handling, first aid, the products available and their proper uses.

Shortly after moving to Oregon, I began my 5 years at a larger boarding facility that accepts pets of all breeds and behavioral issues. Within the first year I became the Kennel Supervisor and the go-to for scared, strong or reactive pets. It was my responsibility to train the staff and work with pets to make them feel safe and comfortable during their stay. By my second year I was promoted to Supervisor and continued to gain experience and knowledge from the pets and people I've worked with. 


As I continued to work I decided to test my knowledge and went for my first Certification through Animal Behavior College. Passing with Honors I believe there is always more that we can learn. Every animal is different and their needs are as unique as they are.

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Pet First Aid

Dog Obedience

Canine Communication

Pet Psychology

Training Shelter Dogs

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Doggie Day Care

Pet Fostering

Pet Massage

and many more to come

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Ororo “Jojo”

Sepala Husky
13 Years Old, Female
Jojo is my right hand when I work. She is so sweet, sociable and helps me understand the dogs we work with. She is a retired sled dog who spent the first 6 years of her life as the lead dog. She has had three liters of puppies and is no stranger to nurturing youngsters and keeping a pack in line.

Leroy Brown

Pomeranian Mix
11 Years Old, Male

I’ve been with Brown since the day he was born. He has been my constant companion and I call him my trick puppy. He is so smart and picks up on tricks very quickly. He has taught me so much in positive reinforcement training and building a relationship built on trust and communication.

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