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About Me

Let’s Wander and Grow

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We hope to give owners the guidance and techniques to have the companion they dream of.


Our services are catered to the individual needs of the dog, their owners and the life they live.

We guide owners through the 'why' behind behavior and how our actions and reactions influence the behavior of our dogs.

Guiding owners though techniques we help build an unbreakable bond.

We believe trust is the very foundation of any relationship.

We help guide owners through the language of dogs and help build a solid communication between dog and owner.

Our techniques are mentally and physically stimulating making it fun and rewarding for the dog and owner.

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our approach

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We require a Consultation before booking any services to ensure we are the right fit for your family.
If booked part of the consultation fee may go towards a training tool.

 Basic Obedience/Puppy Basics 

Guidance for a  positive, fun foundation

 Behavior Modification 

Guidance for Behavioral Needs



 Structured adventures to help release energy 

 Expedition Academy 

 A positive, fun Expedition with training as the focus 

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Pet First Aid

Dog Obedience

Canine Communication

Pet Psychology

Training Shelter Dogs

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Doggie Day Care

Pet Fostering

Pet Massage

and many more to come

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